The experience of staying in the Soča Valley is not complete without tasting local organic delights from nearby farms.


The area along the Soča river is famous for its remarkable cuisine. We have made a selection of the best products from this region for you, and gathered them in a basket of local specialties. Local products are ecologically produced and have no additives or preservatives.


Try the homemade yoghurt from the nearby ecological farms and the renowned Bovec sheep cheese, which is considered a very special local product and is famous throughout Slovenia. Treat yourselves to some locally produced cured meats, which are dried in over a hundred years old Karst stone cellars, which gives them a wonderful aroma and authentic taste. Then sweeten your soul with some local honey from alpine flowers and some very special homemade marmalade from the Vipava Valley, which will put a smile on your face.


  • Basket for 2 people 30,00€

  • Basket for 4 people 50,00€

The first day, the basket is included in the price of the stay.

kulinarično razvajanje
basket of local delicies
basket of local delicies


Posočje is known for its excellent local cuisine, which goes well with a glass of excellent wine. We have also prepared for you a carefully selected selection of top-quality domestic wines and sparkling wines from the nearby Goriška Brda, as well as selected wines and sparkling wines from the best French biodynamic winemakersDiscover the riches in the stories of the winemakers, taste the most noble drops and have an unforgettable experience.



We offer sparkling wines and champagne, white wines, and red wines. For assistance in choosing wines, please inquire at the reception – our staff will be happy to advise you.


What better way to end an exciting day of exploring the wild nature than to relax in good company with some authentic traditional food and a glass of excellent wine? At dinnertime we invite you to hang out by the fire pit in the Residence Soča garden. On autumn evenings you can enjoy the warmth of the flames from the fireplaces. Next to the fire, you will have everything you need to roast chestnuts or sugar cookies. It’s time to socialize with a glass of mulled wine or hot tea!




In the summer kitchen, there is a ceramic grill Joe BigJoe available – a grill, smoker, and oven in one, ready to use in just 15 minutes. The sturdy ceramic, which is about 3 cm thick, perfectly regulates and maintains the grill’s heat, allowing you to cook at both low and extremely high temperatures (82-400 degrees and more). The exceptional porosity of the ceramic maintains the moisture of the meat, making the cooked food incredibly juicy and enriched with the true aroma of the grill. Because of its size, the BigJoe II will be the first choice for all lovers of full tables and barbecue enthusiasts.


The outdoor kitchen is not operational during the winter months.


outdoor kitchen
outdoor kitchen
letna kuhinja


In the Soča Valley, people used to know and want to eat well. And the tradition passed from generation to generation, both in written and oral form. When the home kitchen smells, few can resist the famous culinary specialties such as chompe and cottage cheese, frika, delicious Kobariški štruklji and Bovški krafi, as well as centuries-prized cheeses with protected origin – Tolminc and Bovški sir.

We fill our “Let’s cook together” basket with ingredients for preparing frika or chomp, which are suitable for a quick, tasty lunch or dinner.

Čompe and skuta

Potatoes with salty sheep’s curd is a simple and very popular appetizer in Bovec. A traditional, regionally original, organically produced appetizer consists of chomp (boiled unpeeled potatoes) and salty sheep’s curd. It used to be on the tables of the Trenta and Bovec people almost every day, as the poor land did not allow the cultivation of cereals and other crops. And although the dish is completely simple, at first glance almost poor, it impresses every eater with its excellent taste.



Frika is a typical dish from Friuli Venezia Giulia, the capital of fried cheese called frico. However, there is no single, traditional recipe for frika. Each part of the Soča Valley left its mark, gave it its own character, and several versions of frika were created: with potatoes in the form of an omelette, with onions, leeks, eggs, bacon, salami, apples and various herbs. The only ‘required ingredient’ is processed cheese.

let's cook together
let's cook together
let's cook together