Triglav is a 2864m high mountain located in the heart of the Julian Alps. With the mentioned height, Triglav is the highest mountain on the territory of Slovenia, and at the same time it is also the highest mountain in the Julian Alps. At the top stands the Aljaž tower, which was built in 1895 by Jakob Aljaž, the then pastor of Dovje. In the event of a storm, up to 5 people can stay in the Aljaž Tower. Otherwise, today Aljaž Tower is protected as a cultural monument and as such is very important in the preservation of cultural heritage. Otherwise, from the top of Triglav there is a beautiful view that stretches all the way from the Adriatic Sea, through the Dolomites and Visoke Ture to the Karavanke, Kamnik Savinja Alps, Pohorje, across almost the whole of Slovenia to the highest peaks of the Julian Alps.
In the following, we will present a description of the nearest route, called Čez Dolič.
At the Aljaž tower


We drive towards the Vršič Pass but only up to the 50th serpentine of Vršič. Here we turn onto a side road towards Valley Zadnjica, along which we then park for a few 100 meters in the parking lot next to the road. From the parking lot, we continue along the road, but this only takes us past a few houses (mainly holiday houses) in about 15 minutes to the place where the road splits into two parts (there used to be a parking lot at the intersection, but today parking is prohibited here).


Morning view of Zadnjiški Ozebnik

We also meet chamois on the way

We continue on the lower right road (on the upper road we reach the freight cable car that leads to Pogačnik hut) in the direction of Dolič, Luknja and Prehodavci. At first, we follow the winding road, which leads us over scenic meadows, and higher up through the forest, almost to its end, or more precisely to the marked crossroad, where the marked footpath to Prehodavci branches off to the right (it takes about 1 hour to get here).

Near hut Koča na Doliču, Kanjavec in the background

Na poti, v ozadju Bovški Gamsovec

On the way, Bovški Gamsovec in the background

On the way, in the background Jalovec and the ridge of Mojstrovka

On the way higher up

From the crossroads in the area called Utro, we continue straight, and here the road finally turns into a footpath or mule track. We continue the ascent along the old mule track, which then climbs moderately over occasionally steeper slopes. Further on, the climbing path over Komar soon branches off to the right, and we continue straight ahead and continue the ascent along a wide path. The scenic route, which occasionally runs over very steep slopes, takes us higher up to the next marked crossroads.

On the way, Zadnjiški Ozebnik in the background on the left

On the way, Triglav can already be seen in the background

Pogled nazaj

Looking back

On the way higher up

From the crossroad, turn right (on the left Luknja and Triglav over Plemenice trail) and continue in the direction of hut Koča na Doliču. The still wide path continues to climb towards the south, crossing the slopes of Vrh Zelenic (2468 m). When the slope flattens out a bit, the path over Komar joins us from the right, and we follow the mule track to the next crossroads, where the path to the hut Zasavska koča branches off to the right (trail Mira Marko Debelakova across Kanjavčeve police).

Bovški Gamsovec in Razor v ozadju

Bovški Gamsovec and Razor in the background

Greben Mojstrovk pobližje

Mojstrovka ridge close-up

Pogled nazaj 2

Looking back

Morbegna – Triglav Barracks of Viktor Emanuel III (misnomer Morbegna) is a crumbling high mountain military fortress

Here we continue to the left, and an increasingly scenic and occasionally precipitous path leads us to a crossroads near hut Koča na Doliču. From the crossroads near hut Koča na Doliču, we continue to the left to the west and continue the ascent along the mule track which climbs quite steeply. After half an hour’s walk from the hut, the world flattens out and the path no longer gains altitude. Now we can see Triglav in front of us. We continue walking in the direction of Triglav on the stairs, where caution is necessary so as not to step into a hole and twist our legs in the process. Next, we come to a crossroads where the path from Plemenice joins us. We continue to the right up the scree all the way to the wall. The path ahead climbs diagonally with the help of numerous belays and brings us under the Triglav škrbina. Next, we climb up to the stump, where we come to a crossroads. We continue left uphill (straight down Planika) along a steep but well-protected path. After a few minutes, the steepness subsides, and we only have a few more minutes of climbing up the summit slope of Triglav to reach the top.



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