Panoramic flight



The Aeroklub has a Maule M7-235B aircraft on lease.


The five-seater plane is primarily intended for use in remote areas, where the pilot has to land on various terrains, such as river banks, car tracks, as well as paved grassy areas and well-maintained airport runways. The plane has an extremely powerful engine (235 hp) in relation to its empty weight, which means that it can accommodate almost 500 kg of useful weight.

This aircraft is also equipped with full-surface panoramic windows that provide an extraordinary view of the surroundings in the air.

The aircraft is equipped with all the instruments required for instrument flying and used in transport aviation. The plane also has a towing hook that allows towing all types of gliders.

The smooth operation of the aircraft is ensured by certified mechanics who have completed training at the aircraft manufacturer Maule. Also, all pilots regularly fly and maintain their training in an environment where various operations are carried out at a high security level. Safety comes first, and the members of Aerklub pay special attention to it.


Aeroklub was founded in 2017 with the aim of promoting sports and amateur aviation and thus contributing to the development of sports and this activity in the Republic of Slovenia and also abroad. It achieves its mission by:
– cooperates with organizations and institutions engaged in amateur, professional or scientific research in aviation,
– enables members to gain experience in aviation through its operations
– strives for a high professional level of the association’s work,
– informs members and the public about problems and progress in the area of the association’s activities,
– by organizing aviation events,
– enables members to actively participate in aviation sports, including training
– by ensuring constant aviation training for members of the association,
– promotes the professional development of members of the association.

panoramic flight
panoramic flight
panoramic flight


Naše sodobno apartmajsko naselje obsega 4 objekte in ponuja 19 nadstandardnih apartmajev v katerih sta si roke podali tradicija in udobje. Naša nastanitev nudi odlične možnosti sprostitve po dnevu v zraku:

  • whirlpool in savna,
  • masaže v apartmaju,
  • najem športne opreme (vključno s pohodniškimi palicami in električnimi kolesi),
  • pomoč pri organizaciji dodatnih aktivnosti

Apartmaji so zasnovani s spoštovanjem do neokrnjene narave Triglavskega narodnega parka in kulturne dediščine lokalnega okolja. Odlikuje jih prostornost, svetlost, skrbno izbrani naravni materiali in vrhunska oprema v sodobnem alpskem stilu.

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