Family weekend getaway


When autumn leaves the Soča Valley, and a snowy blanket covers the nature of the Triglav Nation, it’s time for a family weekend getaway in winter nature! Walks along snowy forest paths, night sledding on Mangart, evenings by the fire, and stargazing!


Creative workshop with a babysitter 

Your children will spend the morning with a sitter. Making lanterns, fairy tales about the Soška Valley and other creative activities will surely make for an unforgettable morning.


Sports activities can be organized for older children who do not need a babysitter.

In the meantime..

Take some ‘you’ time
While your children are having fun in safe hands, you can enjoy an activity that the children are still too young for. Take a hike to the nearby hill or treat yourself to a massage for two in the comfort of your apartment. In addition to classic massages, we also offer access bars therapy.

Family time by the fire

In the evenings, we invite you to hang out by the fire pit in the Residence Soča garden. Our friendly staff will get you everything you need to prepare roasted chestnut or toasted marshmallows. It’s time for a cup of mulled wine or hot tea in good company by the fire.

Stargazing workshop and lantern walk

In cooperation with the astronomical society Javornik, we organize a stargazing workshop on Saturday evenings. 


We will see planetary nebulae, star clusters and planets, the Moon and exciting things from the Orion constellation.



Winter in the Soška Valley offers many opportunities for exploration and entertainment. Put on warm gloves and go exploring the Soška trail, visit the forgotten Lemovje, and if there is enough snow, you can also go sledging on the Mangart ski slope or on the surrounding slopes and snowshoeing.

To make the memories truly unforgettable, you can pick up a Polaroid camera at the reception and perpetuate your winter experiences forever.

family weekend getaway




family weekend getaway






The Residence Soča complex includes 19 above-standard apartments, where tradition goes hand-in-hand with comfort. Our apartments are designed in the respect of the unspoiled nature of the Triglav National Park and the cultural heritage of the surrounding area.

family weekend getaway
family weekend getaway




  • 2x nights in a Superior apartment for 4-5 persons
  • 1x basket of local specialties;
  • 1x complementary sparkling wine Frelih 0.75l
  • 1x treasure hunt at arrival;
  • e-booklet with suggestions on how to spend some quality time in the outdoors as well as in the apartment;
  • feast by the fire (chestnuts, marshmallows, mulled wine and tea)
  • Christmas workshop for children and the arrival of Santa Claus
  • stargazing workshop
  • free rent of board games;
  • free rent of hiking poles and tips on personalised hiking tours;

Price varies by apartment type and number of nights.

• Tourist tax: €2 per adult person per night
• Tourist tax: €1 per child (from 7 till 18 years) per night
• Pets: €40 per day

SUPPLEMENTS (for surcharge):

The Access Bars therapy is a gentle technique where we stimulate the brain to go into the theta state by touching 32 points on the head. This kind of therapy activates the body’s self-healing processes and opens a space of awareness in our life. The electrical charge in the brain is dispersed, and this way all the energies trapped in the brain and body are released.

€70 per person (50 minutes)

Surrender to the healing touches of our two experienced masseurs, who will remove the last traces of any tension from your body. With the intuitive techniques they have developed through their many years of practice, they will also come to your aid in sports injuries and relieve you of pain. Using music, pleasant lights and soothing scents, they will turn your apartment into an oasis of peace that will promote complete relaxation of the body, the mind and the spirit.

€50 per person (30 min)
€70 per person (50 min)

1 ×  basket with recipe and ingredients for preparing traditional local dishes

Join Johannes Bergfors for a guided snowshoeing hike. Location is decided few days before depending of snow conditions. But mainly around Mangart area.

Minimum is 2person trips. It’s a 180€ trip of 3hours including equipment for 2 persons and for every next person is 70€ extra.

* We will hold the stargazing workshop as long as weather conditions are suitable and a sufficient number of participants sign up.


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