Zavetišče pod Špičkom


The mouintain refuge Zavetišče pod Špičkom is located above the valley of the Zadnja Trenta, below the steep peak called Špiček (2192 m), which can be seen from afar. From the refuge, which is open from July to September, we have a beautiful view of the peaks that surround the upper part of the Soča river valley.

Zavetišče pod Špičkom


From the parking lot, turn to the right-hand footpath in the direction of Jalovec and the mouintain refuge under Špiček (the left-hand path leads to Bavški Grintavec). The path, which at the beginning offers a beautiful view of the already mentioned Bavški Grintavec, quickly passes into dense forest, where it begins to climb steeply.

zavetišče pod špičkom

Start of the trail, parking lot

zavetišče pod špičkom

At the start of the trail

The steep path, which runs through the forest almost the entire time, brings us to a crossroads after about an hour and a half of walking, where we continue along the left path in the direction of the mountain refuge under Špiček (on the right Jalovec, Mali kot and Jalovška škrbina, both paths are marked).

zavetišče pod špičkom

Forest trail

zavetišče pod špičkom

View towards Bavški Grintavec

The path ahead descends slightly for a while, and then begins to climb steeply again, this time through an increasingly sparse forest. Higher up, the forest becomes even rarer and beautiful views of the surrounding peaks begin to open up from the trail. Just a little further on, we come to a less noticeable crossroads, where a marked but little-trodden path branches off to the left to Bavški Grintavec.

zavetišče pod špičkom

In the direction of the mouintain refuge under Špiček

We continue straight in the direction of the mouintain refuge under Špiček along the path that passes into the dwarf pine lane. Next, we climb through the dwarf pine for a while, and then join the path from the Vršič pass.
We continue straight in the direction of the mouintain refuge under Špiček along the path that goes into the world of pods. The path from which we can enjoy beautiful views of the peaks above Zgornje Posočje leads us higher up to a small crossroads, where the path to Jalovec branches off to the right. We continue straight and along the path along which we notice some interesting inscriptions (verses) we reach the mountain refuge under Špiček in a few minutes.



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