Svinjak is located east of the Bovec basin. Despite the relatively low altitude, there is a very nice view of the mountains above Soča and Koritnica from the top. The top has two boxes with a registration book. One is new and has the shape of the Aljaž tower.


From the starting point, head for the road (direction Svinjak), which goes up through the village. After just a few minutes of walking, turn right onto a footpath that quickly takes you into the forest. Further on, we climb moderately, occasionally steeply through the forest, and the path takes us higher up to the ridge, which then quickly retreats to the southern slopes. The trail then climbs steeply up along the ridge.

Beginning of the trail, village Kal-Koritnica

Beginning of the trail, in the direction of Svinjak

After walking for almost 2 hours, we will notice traces of a fire that raged here on the mountain years ago. The path then climbs even steeper and leads us along a slightly exposed slope, which is very dangerous for slipping, especially in the wet. Further on, an increasingly scenic path leads us to the scenic Svinjak in a few more minutes of walking along the top slope of the mountain.


On the trail

View from the trail

View from the trail

Due to the considerable steepness, more caution is required in the last part to avoid slipping.


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