Soča Trail


The Soča Trail leads visitors to the Triglav National Park along the Soča River from its source towards Bovec. The trail is easily traceable and is 25 km long. The direction and length of the walk can be adjusted to the needs of each individual, as the route can be joined at any point.

soška pot


On a hike along the Soča Trail, which runs all the way from the Soča source to Bovec, we can see many sights. The route starts at Hut at the source of the Soča River, where you can see the source of the Soča River before the start of the trail.

The source of the Soča River is located at an altitude of approximately 990 m, at the foot of the 2379 m high mountain Travnik. During long dry periods, the spring almost dries up, but otherwise it is a relatively strong karst spring. The water that flows from the nearby cave soon descends through steep rapids and at the beginning also a small waterfall. From Hut at the source of the Soča River, we can climb up to the source of the Soča River by a short (15 min) path, but difficult, steep and protected by a metal rope.

soška pot

At the source of the Soča River

soška pot

Views at the source of the Soča River

After visiting the spring, we follow the signs “Soška pot” and “AAT” (Alpe Adria Trail), which lead us into the valley to the village of Trenta. On the way to Trenta, we can also visit the following attractions:


Monument to dr. To Julius Kugy – Dedicated to the mountaineer, writer, botanist and great lover of the mountain world and the natural beauty offered by the Trenta Valley. The bronze monument of the man, staring into the distance towards Mount Jalovec, which Kugy admired the most.


Mlinarica Gorge – the Mlinarica gorge are up to 1m wide and up to 100m high. Mlinarica flows into the Soča River just a few meters after it emerges from the gorge. At the end of the gorge, you can also see a small waterfall.


Alpine Botanical Garden Juliana – is the oldest alpine botanical garden in a natural environment on Slovenian territory. It was founded in 1926. More than 600 varieties of plants, mostly alpine, thrive in it.

Mlinarica gorge

Observation deck

On the way, we can stop at the church of Maria Lavretanska. We reach the church via a footbridge in the hamlet of Pri Cerkvi, just before Trenta. The mining baroque church of the Virgin Mary of Lavra was built in 1690. The landmark of the church is the wooden statue of the black Mother of God with Jesus. It is the only one in Slovenia and it also appears throughout Europe only in certain pilgrimage churches.


The path then leads us to the village of Trenta, where we can then visit the info center of the Triglav National Park Dom Trenta, which offers a presentation of the National Park and several exhibitions about Trenta’s nature, environment and people in it.

Small Soča Gorge

Small Soča Gorge

Great Soča Gorge

Great Soča Gorge

The path continues into the valley towards the village of Soča. Before the center of the village of Soča, we go at the turnoff for Vas na Skali and Vrsnik, past the Small Soča Gorge. These are 100 meters long and up to 6 meters deep.


In the village of Soča, behind the church of St. Jožef with paintings by Tone Kralj, there is a military cemetery from the 1st World War. After the village, the path soon leads us to the Great Soča Gorge, which represent the most beautiful natural attraction of the Soča trail. They are located at the beginning of the Lepena valley. The gorge are 750 meters long, in some places only 2 meters wide, and are surrounded by walls up to 15 meters high. Here you can see the beautiful green-blue color of the river Soča.


The path turns towards the Lepena valley and then continues towards Bovec. We follow the signs and signs for the Soča trail and cross a few footbridges. Towards the end of the route, an even shorter climb from the village of Vodenca takes us to the town of Bovec.

vojasko pokopalice

Military cemetery

vojasko pokopalice

Military cemetery

Cerkev Tone Kralj

Church of St. Jožef – exterior

DSC_0159 (1)

Church of St. Jožef – interior


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