He who climbs the highest mountains,
laughs at all tragedies, real or imagined.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

Embark on an extraordinary mountaineering adventure in the Soča Valley, a region that transforms climbing into a truly unique experience. The towering walls of Triglav National Park provide a breathtaking backdrop, captivating everyone who gazes upon them. However, we advise that these majestic walls are best suited for seasoned climbers.



Discover the allure of the northern littoral walls in the Soča Valley, where the remarkable Loška Wall spans an impressive 7 km, ranking among the largest ridges in Slovenian mountains. Nestled in the embrace of the Julian Alps, Bovec, Kobarid, and Tolmin serve as ideal gateways for mountaineering excursions of various difficulty levels. Your journey into the heart of these picturesque landscapes promises an unparalleled alpine adventure.

I am Igor Kremser, a mountain guide with an international IFMGA license, born in 1987. Throughout my mountaineering career, I have participated in expeditions to the Andes, Himalayas and China. We were also nominated for a golden ice ax with our fellow climbers for the climb to the Chinese peak of Xulian Feng.



People go to the highlands for a variety of reasons. Some want to test themselves and overcome the challenge offered by a high mountain or a difficult climb. Others want to enjoy the stunning beauty and natural wonders that the highlands have to offer. Still others want to get away from everyday life and indulge in the silence and peace offered by unspoilt nature.

In addition, visiting the highlands can also help improve physical and mental health. Walking in the highlands is a very demanding physical activity that strengthens the heart, muscles and bones. At the same time, it also encourages thinking and relaxation, which has a positive effect on mental health.


View towards Mangart

alpinizem visokogorje
alpinizem visokogorje
alpinizem visokogorje
alpinizem visokogorje
alpinizem visokogorje

The Soča Valley is the land of the highest and most powerful peaks of the Julian Alps. Marked mountain trails climb from the valley into wild mountain corners, including the trail to Triglav (2,864 m), the highest Slovenian peak.

The high mountain world of the Julian Alps, the unspoilt nature of the Triglav National Park and the refreshing proximity of the Soča River make the Soča Valley one of the most beautiful hiking destinations.


Triglav north wall – Slovenian route


Mangart – Slovenian route



Our modern apartment complex comprises 4 buildings and offers 19 above-standard apartments in which tradition and comfort join hands. Our accommodation offers excellent opportunities to relax after a day in the mountains:


  • whirlpool and sauna,
  • massages in the apartment,
  • rental of sports equipment (including hiking poles and electric bicycles),
  • help in organizing additional activities

The apartments are designed with respect for the pristine nature of the Triglav National Park and the cultural heritage of the local environment. They are characterized by spaciousness, brightness, carefully selected natural materials and top-quality equipment in a modern Alpine style.


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