Mangart saddle


Mangart hut is located just over 100 meters above Mangart saddle, where the highest road in Slovenia leads. From the hut, which is open in the summer season, we have a beautiful view of the nearby Mangart and most of the peaks above the valley of the Koritnica river.


Pri Mlinču – Mangart hut on Mangart saddle:
From the starting point, we continue along the asphalt road that leads to Mangart saddle, and we climb it to the first right turn, or to the place where it crosses Mangart stream. At the aforementioned bend, even before crossing the bridge, continue straight onto the footpath in the direction of Mangartska Planina. We continue our journey with a beautiful view of Mangart, along a path that climbs parallel to the stream, and a little higher we cross the Stože avalanche, which was triggered in November 2000. When we leave the area of the avalanche, we gradually pass into the forest, through which we climb moderately to the western edge Mangart mountains.
mangart saddle

Beginning of the trail, asphalt road

mangrtsko sedlo

At the beginning of the trail

When we get to the Mangartska Planina, we walk to the nearby shepherd’s hut, after which we continue along the slightly overgrown path that leads over the mountain. After we arrive in the forest belt, and then quickly reach a narrow strip of meadow along which the old abandoned road continues (you can also get here if you continue on the road on the mountain and then left at the first crossroad in the direction of Mangart saddle). Bad road or the cart climbs slowly, and then, when we cross the torrent, it finally turns into a mountain path. A few minutes of moderate ascent follows, and then we cross the asphalt road. On the other side of the road, we climb the folding steps, and then we reach a clearing, where the path turns left and begins to climb relatively steeply. After a few minutes of ascent, we cross the road again, and then we reach it again just a few steps higher.

mangartsko sedlo

Driving to the top

mangartsko sedlo

Driving to the top, view of Mangart peak

Here, the marked path continues to the right (the unmarked path over the Gladki rob on the left) and leads us to a small tunnel with beautiful views of the Loška Stena. After the tunnel, we have a beautiful view towards Mangart, and then, when we reach the belt of larch forest, we leave the road and continue to the left along the marked path that intersects the bend. When, after a few steps, we step onto the asphalt road again, we just cross it and continue the ascent along the marked path, which first climbs moderately, then descends and continues diagonally to the right. While crossing, we first reach a small ravine, and then the torrential Nakel ravine (the Nakel ravine begins at the border ridge itself, and then descends steeply all the way to the Koritnica river (a stream called Ilovec flows in the lower part)).

mangart saddle

View of the road and the tunnel

We exit the ravine diagonally to the right, then the path turns left and begins to climb steeply. We climb steeply for a few minutes, and then we approach the torrent again, where the path turns right and climbs transversely over a short jump. After the jump, the path flattens out a bit, and then across a mostly grassy slope, with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, it leads us back to Mangart road, which we follow to the right. Shortly after stepping onto the road, the path leads us to the last tunnel, which is quite long. As the road is quite busy, it is a good idea to use a flashlight in the tunnel so that other participants will notice us more easily. After the tunnel, we cross another ravine, and then we reach a small intersection, where we continue to the left in the direction of Mangart hut on Mangart saddle. It is only a few minutes’ walk from the intersection and we arrive at the mentioned mountain hut.


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