At 856 meters above sea level, where the village of Lemovje lies on a grassy terrace, there is no road, but one flatter path, which was once barely wide enough for a sledge, and two more goat tracks.

Many houses are now in ruins, only three show some typical Trentarian architecture. In some places, shiny locks and handles even let you know that not everyone has forgotten about them.

A walk among the abandoned urban landscape in the July mountains wants to tell you something of its own accord. The hiker’s heart becomes especially warm when he looks at the edge of the terrace towards the valley carved by the glacier over many millennia.



One of the paths leading to the forgotten hamlet can be found in the village of Soča next to the road chapel not far from the village church. The route is well marked. It winds through the forest rather steeply, in some places you have to walk up rocky steps to get to the chamois, and only here and there does the slope ease.

planina nad sočo

Start of the trail, parking lot

planina nad sočo

The first part of the journey

The path then goes uphill a little more and then a little more. The wall structure at the end of the forest after half an hour of faster walking is the first remnant of former life in Lemovje. Unfortunately, the trees are already eating into the meadows, which have not been grazed by either sheep or goats since the 80s of the last century, and no one has even used a scythe for a very long time. All around we can see almost pyramid-shaped stacks of stones, which the locals have been piling up for God knows how long, when they were cleaning the surrounding meadows.


A path through the forest


Arrival to the village


View towards Veliko Špičje


View towards the village of Soča

Even after the war, 50 people in many families defied fate there, each taking care of at least 30 more sheep. There probably weren’t many volunteers when a parent asked if anyone would drop by the store. In the mid-1960s, seven children went to school in Soča every day. The last family left Lemovje in 1972.



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