Hunting cabin Berebica in Lower Trenta


The Berebica hunting cabin is located in Staro Utro above Trenta. Staro Utro is known mainly for the old military road that was built after the end of the Soča battle. From the hunting cabin, there is a very nice view, especially of the nearby peaks in the Veverica ridge, and in the distance we can also see some peaks in the Krn ridge.



From Bovec we drive towards Kranjska Gora. In Spodnja Trenta, about 100 meters after tunnel Berebica, you will notice a carriageway and a sign for Berebica on the left side of the road. From here, drive another 10 meters along the road, and then you will notice a suitable parking spot on the right.


First view of the morning


The mule track we climb

From the parking lot, continue a few 10 meters along the main road in the direction of Bovec. On the right side of the road we will then notice the mule track and signpost for Berebica. There is also a TNP board at the beginning of the mule track.


The first rays of the sun on the way


On the 18th serpentine

Let’s head for the mentioned path and start climbing in the serpentines. Bends are also marked with numbers. In the first part, the path runs along a rather steep slope, so that despite the forest, we still have a nice view towards Soča and the surrounding mountains from time to time. We cross the fence a little higher and the mule track leads us past several well-kept gardens. In the continuation, we continue to climb in serpentines for quite some time, and at the 19th bend we come to a small crossroad, next to which there is a well with drinking water. Here, a hunting trail branches off to the right, which also leads to Staro Utro. We continue along the military mule track and the slope becomes a little less steep. Such a path, which continues through the forest, then leads us to a crossroads. The path to the mountain Berebica branches off to the left, which is only a few minutes’ walk away, and we continue to the right and continue to climb the mule track that leads to Staro Utro.


View of the Julian Alps

We continue to climb through the forest in serpentines until the last 24th serpentine. Mule track, which is in a rather bad condition, soon becomes flatter and crosses increasingly steep slopes. Such a path, from which wonderful views open up to us, soon leads us to Staro Utro, where the Berebica hunting lodge is also located.


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