In canyoning we follow the river’s path down through the canyon. We swim in crystal clear pools and descend down waterfalls. Canyoning offers unique views of the valley – completely different to what we see from above. Navigating such environments is not without its challenges which is why your safety is our top priority! Expect professional equipment and highly trained guides.



Abyss Sports Agency is a fairly new company. Their mission is to inspire healthier tourism by nurturing nature. All they do and provide is to remind ourselves and others to appreciate the beauty of our environment with the passion it deserves.

Their main advantage is location. Abyss Adventures is located in the village of Soča, at the beginning of the Lepena valley, just a few minutes’ drive from Residence Soča.

canyoning slovenia


Refresh yourself in the mysterious world of wild gorges, picturesque waterfalls and crystal clear pools.

canyoning slovenia

If you like to be childishly playful and at the same time collected with dizzying descents and views, canyoning is the right experience for you. Natural slides, jumping and abseiling over waterfalls, exploring the remote alpine world of the Soča Valley exercises the body and fills the spirit. A water adventure and an unforgettable experience for adrenaline junkies, which can only be undertaken in the company of a qualified guide.

soteskanje soča

Sports agencies in the Soča Valley organize canyoning in the canyons:

  • the Sušec stream,
  • the Fratarica stream,
  • Predelica stream,
  • Globoski stream,
  • Pršjak stream

Sports agencies that organize canyoning provide the necessary equipment, a professionally trained guide and transportation to the canyon and back to the starting point.


Canyoning is similar to exploring a natural water park. Adrenaline enthusiasts, together with qualified canyoning guides, jump over multi-meter waterfalls, slide down natural slides and swim in the refreshing water of the playful Sušec stream.


The Sušec canyon is located approximately 7 km from Bovec. A permit is required for canyoning. Together with the ascent to the entry point into the gorge, the trip takes 2-3 hours.




In one of the most picturesque canyons of the Triglav National Park, under the 2,000-meter mighty Loška wall, sports agencies perform canyoning with a rope technique, during which visitors to the canyon descend over several ten-meter waterfalls. Among the waterfalls is the famous Parabola waterfall.


The Fratarica Canyon is located approximately 12 km from Bovec, in the immediate vicinity of Log pod Mangart.


Globoški stream


Above the Učje valley, a Natura 2000 protected area, several tens of meters high waterfalls fall on sunny steep slopes, originating on the southern side of the Kaninsko pogorje. Dizzying rope descents are especially suitable for fitness-savvy canyoning enthusiasts. The canyoning trip in the Globoški Potok takes about 8 hours and is organized by sports agencies in the Soča Valley.



Descending with a rope down several ten-meter waterfalls that fill colorful green and emerald pools. Brave adventurers make their way through the wild canyon of the Triglav National Park, accompanied by a qualified guide. Canyoning ends at Mangarstke Potok.


The canyon is located near the former Predel border crossing.



The Residence Soča complex includes 19 above-standard apartments, where tradition goes hand-in-hand with comfort. Enjoy an exceptionally relaxing experience after a day in the water: 


  • whirlpool bath and sauna, 
  • massages in the comfort of the apartment, 
  • sports gear rental (including trekking poles and electric bikes), 
  • help in organising extra activities.


Our apartments are designed in the respect of the unspoiled nature of the Triglav National Park and the cultural heritage of the surrounding area. Stylishly furnished, bright rooms will give you a very cosy feeling, while the awe-striking views of the Julian mountains will inspire you to enjoy new adventures in the Alps every step of the way.


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