Adventure park Srnica


Adventure Park is located at the heart of the hidden gorge Srnica near town Bovec. It is intended for nature lovers, adrenaline enthusiasts, families with children, closed groups, schools.

Srnica was built and opened in the spring of 2016. The main idea was how to show people the heart of the gorge, not just seeing it from the top. Guards were installed in the gorge, a so-called climbing route was established. With the help of a safety kit, guests attach themselves to the steel line and climb in the gorge and descend over the gorge – ZIPline. This park is unique and unique on Slovenian soil!
Information point and meeting point is in the travel agency Outdoor Galaxy office, some 15 minutes before the chosen hour trip. The Agency is located at Ledina 1, Bovec, about 100 m from the center of Bovec.
pustolovski park srnica
adventure park srnica




In the office we first arrange all the necessary formalities and take protective equipment (helmet, harness and self-protection kit). Then follows transportation to the park.


Before entering the climbing part of the park, our experienced guide helps us with properly setup and test our personal safety equipment on a nearby specially adapted range.


After the successful completion of the trip, we  migh prefer to cool down in a nearby stream Glijun, then return to Bovec.





During the tour we are continuously monitored by trained and experienced guide which closely monitors the course of the trip and concern for our safety.



Before entering the climbing part of the park, our guide supervises and asists us with setup our safety and protective equipment and then helps us test it out on nearby range.


 During the whole climbing part of the hike, we wear a helmet and we are continuously attached to the protective steel cables.

adventure park srnica



Adventure Park Srnica can be visited by anyone in the corresponding psychophysical condition. Children under 15 years must be accompanied by parents. Child’s inimum, still permitted height is at least 130 cm.


■ We DO NOT conduct and guide  Individuals under the influence of alcohol and / or other psychotropic substances.

■ Also visit of the park is not recommended for pregnant women, individuals during recovery after serious disease, and persons with limited physical abilities. 

■ Every attendant is obligated to read and sign acknowledgment that he or she accepts all terms of visit of the adrenalin park.

adventure park srnica

Abpve natural pans

adventure park srnica

In small gorge


Our modern apartment complex comprises 4 buildings and offers 19 above-standard apartments in which tradition and comfort join hands. Our accommodation offers excellent opportunities to relax after an active day:


  • whirlpool and sauna,
  • massages in the apartment,
  • rental of sports equipment (including hiking poles and electric bicycles),
  • help in organizing additional activities

The apartments are designed with respect for the pristine nature of the Triglav National Park and the cultural heritage of the local environment. They are characterized by spaciousness, brightness, carefully selected natural materials and top-quality equipment in a modern Alpine style.


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