Outdoor kitchen and evenings by the fire

family getaway

At dinnertime we invite you to hang out by the fire pit in the Residence Soča garden. On autumn evenings you can enjoy the warmth of the flames from the fireplaces. Next to the fire, you will have everything you need to roast chestnuts or sugar cookies. It’s time to socialize with a glass of mulled wine or hot tea!


What better way to end an exciting day of exploring the wild nature than to relax in good company with some authentic traditional food and a glass of excellent wine?


In the summer kitchen, there is a ceramic grill Joe BigJoe available – a grill, smoker, and oven in one, ready to use in just 15 minutes. The sturdy ceramic, which is about 3 cm thick, perfectly regulates and maintains the grill’s heat, allowing you to cook at both low and extremely high temperatures (82-400 degrees and more). The exceptional porosity of the ceramic maintains the moisture of the meat, making the cooked food incredibly juicy and enriched with the true aroma of the grill. Because of its size, the BigJoe II will be the first choice for all lovers of full tables and barbecue enthusiasts.

outdoor kitchen
letna kuhinja
outdoor kitchen