Soča massage

Treat yourself to a relaxing massage in the comfort of your apartment. Let yourself go to the healing touch of our two professional masseurs, who will rid your body of any remaining trace of tension. 


masaža v dvoje

With the intuitive techniques they have developed over years of experience, they will be sure to land a hand and take the pain away in case of sports injuries. Using soothing music, pleasant light and calming scents, they will turn your apartment into an oasis of peace and tranquillity, which will stimulate a complete relaxation of your body, mind and spirit.

Marjan and Andreja are exceptional masseurs with many years of experience in Slovenia and abroad. Over years of practice and training in different massaging techniques, they have developed a very special intuitive approach that is based on adapting to any client’s needs in a very sensitive way.

Massage 30 minutes 50,00€
Massage 50 minutes 70,00€

massage for two
massage for two