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Summer in Soča Valley

Events and festivals in Soča Valley.

All roads lead to Soča – at least the best ones!

If you love hiking, then you’ll be happy to know that the most famous, picturesque and popular hiking trails in Slovenia go right past Residence Soča. The village of Soča lies among some 2,000-metre high mountains of the western Julian Alps, right beneath the mountain ridge that starts with Mount Svinjak to the west, extending through the 2,347-metre high Mount Bavšica Grintavec to the north all the way to Palec above Zadnja Trenta. Soča is a perfect starting point for conquering mountain peaks and for hiking adventures of any level. Passing through our front yard are in fact many a trail that people choose for longer hiking challenges.

Did you know that Soča has its own King?

Just 200 metres from Residence Soča stand the lovely St. Joseph Church, whose classical exterior does not let on that its walls and ceiling are adorned by unique murals by Slovenian famous painter, sculptor and illustrator Tone Kralj (whose surname literally means king).

Respecting the Triglav national park

Since you’ve chosen to stay in the Triglav National Park, we know that you love nature. But do you know how you can show nature your utmost respect? What can you do for the mission of the park to keep being carried out for centuries to come? You can become an ambassador to unspoiled nature, too, by following these simple instructions.