Pasture Goričica


The pasture is located on the edge of the forest above the Bovec basin. There is a hunting lodge on the pasture. From the pasture there is a beautiful view towards the mountains south of the Bovec basin.

Mountain Goričica


First, we drive to the center of Bovec, where we head up the road that passes the church and continues towards Kaninska vas. We follow the road further and it soon brings us to the intersection, where we continue straight. The left road descends to the village of Plužna. The road then quickly leads us to the next intersection, where we continue to the right in the direction of Rombon. We drive further to the plac

e where the road crosses the torrent (near the parking lot and the beginning of the trail there are mountain signs and a well).

Planina Goričica

Begining of the trail, parking lot

Mountain Goričica

Beginning of the trail

We start at the well, where the markings direct us to a footpath (not a carriageway), which initially climbs through a sparse forest. After 15 minutes of walking, the path passes into a dense forest, where it continues to climb moderately.


After a little more than an hour and a half’s walk, the path that crosses some old military mules leads us out of the forest to the grassy slopes, over which we climb in a few minutes to pasure Goričica, where the hunting lodge stands.


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