Matajur is a scenic mountain located on the border between Slovenia and Italy. From the top there is a beautiful view of Kobarid or Breginj Stol, behind which to the left of it we can see the Carnian Alps and part of the western Julian Mountains, where the Kanin group reigns. On the eastern side, we can see Krn and the Krnčice ridge, behind which we can see the peak of Triglav. To the southeast we can see the Golaki, and to the south the Adriatic Sea, where the port of Trieste can be seen beautifully. There is a small church (chapel) at the top and a viewing panel with a sign-up box nearby. The stamp is some distance from the summit and is located on a rock about 10 m from the summit.


Ime priimek – to je prostor za predstavitev vodiča, če ga imamo.


From the road Kobarid – Tolmin, in the village of Idrsko, the asphalted road branches off to the right (and in the opposite direction to the left) towards the village of Livek. Let’s head for this road and follow it to the village of Livek. Here we head right up towards the village of Avsa. We drive forward to the beginning of the village of Avsa and from here we continue for a good 300 meters, and then we park in the marked parking lot.

From the parking lot, head to the marked path in the direction of Matajur, where you initially walk through the forest and temporarily step onto the carriageway. This is followed by an ascent through two shorter hayfields, and then we return to the dense forest, through which we ascend moderately to steeply, and here and there the path also descends a little. Higher up, cross the metal fence, behind which the path turns right and continues along the carriageway. Carrigeway ends soon, and we continue along the path, which continues over a partly grassy slope surrounded by strips of forest. A little further on, the path turns left and completely settles on the slopes of Srednji vrh.


Start of the trail, parking lot


Start of the trail, signpost

Here, we can climb the Srednji vrh on a dirt road in a few minutes, otherwise we continue along the marked path that crosses the slopes of the mentioned peak and joins the forest road a little further on. We follow the road to the right, and along it we quickly reach the marked crossroads, which is located in a small valley between Mrzli vrh and Srednji vrh.
At the crossroads, the marked but unmarked path to Mrzli vrh, Srednji vrh and Idrska planina branches off to the right, and we continue along the road that forks on the western side of Mrzli vrh.
We continue along the left road (Idrska planina to the right), which is joined just a little further by the “new” road from Avsa or Livek.


A picture of the trail, as soon as we leave the forest


View towards the lower Soča valley

From the less noticeable crossroad, walk along the road for a few more minutes, then leave it at the next marked crossroad and continue to the right in the direction of Matajur (straight hut Dom na Matajurju).
Further on, the path begins to climb again over a partly grassy slope, from which we can see ever more beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Higher up, when the path gradually transitions to the northern slopes, the path from the village of Svino joins us from the right, and we continue towards Matajur. A few more minutes of cross-climbing follow, and we arrive at the crossroads under Glava, where the “Slovenian direction” continues straight ahead to Matajur and the path by which we can reach Visoka Glava, and we continue left up and quickly climb to the scenic eastern ridge of Matajur, where the route from Italy joins us (starting point Masera / Masseris).


On the trail at the signpost

We continue along the mentioned ridge, along which we climb gently to moderately along the national border between Slovenia and Italy. After a few more minutes of increasingly scenic walking, we arrive at the top of Matajur, from where we can enjoy a beautiful view to the west.


Views on the trail to Kuk (Kolovrat).


A cottage on the upper part of Idrska Planina.


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