Loška koritnica


Loška Koritnica is a picturesque glacial valley in the Triglav National Park, surrounded by two thousand meters high mountains. Known for its serene landscapes, the valley is embraced by lush greenery and framed by majestic mountain peaks. The Loška Koritnica river gracefully winds through the valley, adding a soothing melody to the scenic surroundings.

Loška Koritnica


In the village of Log pod Mangartom, immediately after the bridge over Predilnica, turn right in the direction of Koritnica.

loška koritnica

Views along the way

loška koritnica

Views of the surrounding mountains

The initially asphalted, then macadam road quickly leads us to the parking lot at the beginning of the entrance to the central part of the Triglav National Park. A pleasant footpath leads to the gable of Koritnica.

The Koritnica river originates in the Loška Koritnica valley below Mangart, which flows through the Kluška korita gorge to its outlet into the Soča river. The river creates many natural beauties, such as waterfalls, gorges, canyons and picturesque tributaries. The valley is surrounded on all sides by mighty two thousand meters high mountains: Mangart (2,679 m), Kotovo sedlo (2,134 m), Jalovec (2,645 m), Loške stene (Plešivec (2184 m), Bavh (2186 m), Vrh Goleževice (2119 m ), Bedinji vrh (2175 m), Morež (2261 m), Briceljk (2346 m), Oltarji (2208 m), Vrh Rup (2245 m), Oblica (2246 m) in Vrh Krnice (2234 m)), Rombon (2344 m), Jerebica (2,125 m).

loška koritnica hiking

Views of the surrounding mountains


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