Embrace the Wild, Strengthen the Bond.

// Soča Valley
// 2 days & 2 nights package

Residence Soča is proud to offer you a brand new experience – a survival experience for our up-scale guests. Seize the contrast of actively relaxing in our Residence and learning survival skills in the unspoilt nature right next to the Soča River.

For families and organised groups


~ Personalised family packages (up to 5 families)
~ Organised groups packages (team buildings up to 25 people)

Families and organised groups (team buildings) will have a chance to learn the survivor skills and afterwards enjoy the personalised services in our 4-stars residence, in the heart of highly-protected Triglav National Park (Slovenia). For the most brave ones there is a 1 night option (free of extra charge) to oversleep in the woods with our master Brane.

Your Guide: Brane T. Červek

In collaboration with Residence Soča, Mr. Brane T. Cervek, founder of S.S.N.F. (School of Survival from Nature)
will be your host. With 33 years of expertise he is well-know as:

~ Army Special Forces S.E.R.E. Master Instructor (USA, France, Australia, Italy, Israel, etc.)
~ First European adopted among Aboriginal tribes (through Australian government)
~ Creator of various Combat, Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape programs worldwide
~ Reconnaissance instructor for most demanding missions of worldwide army pilots
~ Guest jury at Masterchef Slovenia for Wild Cusine
~ TEDx talk speaker
~ Host of popular survivor TV show in Germany
~ Managed over 100 teambuildings with global companies and with VIP guests

More info:



Programs topics are based on renowed German TV show
filmed with our special forces survival instructor at Soča river.

Survivor themes

1. WILD CUSINE (survive in & from the nature)
2. RAFT SURVIVAL (rafting competition included)
3. FEEL THE NATURE ROAR (deep in the nature)
4. PRIMAL SURVIVOR (suitable for children and teenagers, family fun & bonding guaranteed)

Program content for all packages: 

The main group is divided into several subgroups (depends on the main group total number) and each of them chooses its leader, who will guide his people throughout the education. All subgroups will go together to the paths of 5 elements of survival and learn the survival skills through given themes and demonstrations.

The goal is to educate people about survival techniques, yet in a fun and relaxed way. With each element of survival they conquer, they thus guarantee their independence, which in the same location they also perform in reality, since they must now use their acquired knowledge for their survival on the location of the base camp.

With the acquired knowledge survivals will now set up a whole camp, shelters, set-up the fire in a primitive way, prepare their own dishes, teas, purées, bread, coffee substitutes, sweeteners, etc. from the cropped vegetation. When the camp is finally on solid foundations, a surprise follows.

After a day of survival adventures by the river, you can
enjoy our personalized services of Residence Soča that
will further relax you and restore your energy


Your accommodation – Residence Soča


Experience the cozy feeling of our stylishly furnished, bright rooms and let the awe-inspiring views of the Julian mountains inspire you to embark on new adventures in the Alps during your stay.



Finnish sauna and whirlpool are the perfect way to soothe your muscles and rejuvenate your body after an active day. With stunning views of the surrounding mountains, you can relax in our outdoor wellness area and soak up the fresh mountain air. Prepare for the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

PRICE:  from 998€

Available upon request.

The pricing of this unique bonding experience is:

  • 998,00 € // per family // per 1 superior apartment (up to 5 families)
  • 6.480,00 € // per group of 16 // per 4 superior apartments
  • 7.100,00 € // per group of 20 // per 5 superior apartments
  • 7.720,00 € // per group of 24 // per 6 superior apartments

each additional apartment is charged by pricing list, no extra cost for survival program


Additional charges: Tourist tax, €2.00 per person per night.


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