Access Bars Therapy


Through 32 points on the head, Access Bars gently stimulates the brain to enter the theta state, which is a deep relaxation state that promotes self-healing and regeneration.

Let access bars therapy open your mind to new possibilities by removing energy patterns, unconscious programs, and unhealthy attachments and bringing calm, clear thoughts and deep body relaxation. The beauty and advantage of this technique are that the process can unfold without returning to the trauma. And everything that we manage to remove, erase, never comes back.

The technique regenerates our bodies and gently improves our lives. There is scientific proof that bars work. Eliminate everything that hinders and limits you.

Ime priimek – to je prostor za predstavitev vodiča, če ga imamo.

access bars therapy
access bars therapy
access bars terapija
access bars terapija
access bars terapija
access bars terapija



The Residence Soča complex includes 19 above-standard apartments, where tradition goes hand-in-hand with comfort. Enjoy an exceptionally relaxing experience after an active day: 


  • whirlpool bath and sauna, 
  • massages in the comfort of the apartment, 
  • sports gear rental (including trekking poles and electric bikes), 
  • help in organising extra activities.


Our apartments are designed in the respect of the unspoiled nature of the Triglav National Park and the cultural heritage of the surrounding area. Stylishly furnished, bright rooms will give you a very cosy feeling, while the awe-striking views of the Julian mountains will inspire you to enjoy new adventures in the Alps every step of the way.


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