Čisti vrh

Čisti vrh

Čisti vrh ist ein 1875 m hoher Berg nördlich des Špičja-Kamms gelegen.

Mountains: Julian Alps

Height: 1875 m

Starting point: Village of Skala (980 m)

Destination: Čisti vrh (1875 m)

Walking time: 3 h 30 min

Difficulty: easy unmarked trail

Altitude difference: 895 m

Lat/Long: 46,3556°N 13,7523°E

Terrain type: hills

Type of trail: forest path 

Distance from Residence Soča: 8 km



From Residence soča we drive towards Trenta. At the village of Soča, more precisely at the town where the signs for the tourist farm Jelinčič direct us to the right, we leave the main road and continue driving along a narrower but paved road. The road continues to climb through the scattered settlement of Vrsnik and brings us higher up to the starting point of the route for the ascent to Mount Za skalo. We continue along the occasionally rather steep road, but this one leads us higher up to a sharp left bend, in the middle of which a road closed by a ramp branches off to the right. We park in the parking lot, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the mentioned intersection.



From the parking lot, turn to the road on the right, which is closed to public traffic with a traffic sign and a ramp. The road first climbs steeply through the forest, and then comes completely close to the Suhem stream (here, if we step a little off the path, onto a nearby footbridge, we can see a small waterfall, or the rapids of the mentioned stream). The road then climbs slightly more steeply through two successive serpentines, and then turns more to the right, where we first cross the Suhi potok over the bridge, and then the road to the nearer weekend branches off to the right. We follow the dirt road for only a few more 10 m, and then we see a man on the left side who directs us to an unmarked but well-followed path. The path further climbs through the forest and crosses a slope overgrown with shrubs (Plazič), from where we have a beautiful view of Bavški Grintavec. The path immediately returns to the forest and a little further on just crosses the forest road. The path ahead climbs gradually along the initially indistinct valley, and then turns left into the forest, where it starts to climb steeper again. Here we will hear the roar of a nearby waterfall on the right, and we continue along a pleasant forest path that crosses the forest road again (this time it is not the same road).

We continue along a path that is more overgrown for a short time, which turns a little to the right and quickly leads us to the end of the nearby carriageway. We walk along the mentioned carriageway to the nearby road, and we walk along it only a few steps, and then we see the continuation of the forest path on the left. We continue climbing along the mentioned path, and then we come out of the forest, where we step onto the lower edge of the mountain in Plazeh. Here we continue to the right to the nearby hunting observatory, where we again enter the worse road.

We continue to the east (turn left across the meadow to reach the TNP hut on the mountain in Plazeh in 5 minutes) on a worse road that crosses the slopes in the already mentioned direction. We follow the mentioned road for about 5 minutes, and then on the left side we will notice an initially poorly visible path that climbs for a short time parallel to the mentioned road (rut) and then passes into the forest, where it continues along the old military mule track. The path, which is slightly more overgrown in some parts, starts to climb steeper higher up and gradually leads us out of the forest to more and more scenic slopes. Higher up, the path turns to the right and climbs across a slightly steeper slope. The path, from which more and more beautiful views of the Špičje ridge open up to us, quickly leads us to the Čez Drt saddle, where the path from Trenta or Trebiški dol.

We continue to the left and after a slightly steeper path we reach the scenic Čisti vrh in 10 minutes of further walking.

Along the way: Planina v Plazeh (1548m)