Slemenova špica



Few people do not know Jalovec from Slemenova Špica. On almost every calendar we see small lakes and an admirable mountain behind. Slemenova špica is located only a few tens of meters above the lake. From the peak, you can also see the ski jump slopes in Planica and the peaks above the Tamar valley.


From the parking lot at Vršič, we turn to the initially poorly marked path that leads to Mojstrovka and Sleme. After a short climb, the path leads us to a larger rock on which we can see the inscription Mojstrovka levo. We continue to the right in the direction of Slemenova špica and Hanzova pot to Mojstrovka. The path ahead climbs transversely at the foot of Šitna glava, and then the path from Erjavčeva koča joins us from the right. A short steep ascent follows and the path takes us to the Vratca pass (1807m), where we come to the next crossroads.

Beginning of the trail, parking lot at Vršič

The beginning of the trail, in the direction of Slemenova špica

Here we continue along the right path (left is path Hanzova pot to Mojstrovka), which descends a little. After a few minutes of gentle descent, the path takes us above the Tamar Valley. Here we cross the slopes to the west, and the path crosses a short, slightly steeper section, where a steel cable (undemanding) helps us. A little further on, the path from Tamar valley joins us on the right. We continue straight along the path, which only occasionally climbs more and soon leads us to the lakes on Slemen, from which there is a beautiful view of Jalovec. We continue slightly to the right, past the registration box, to the top of Slemenova špica, which we reach in a few minutes of further walking.

Picture of the trail

Markings on the way

On the trail

On the trail


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