The fall is for romantic wanderings!

The fall is for romantic wanderings!



Weekend getaway: A BREAK FOR TWO



Surprise your partner with some complete R&R in the unspoiled nature of the Triglav National Park. Walk hand-in-hand along countless forest paths, have yourselves a picnic with a view, and create some unforgettable memories by the most picturesque river in Slovenia. Indulge yourselves in top quality cuisine and first-rate wines. Sparks are guaranteed!

This is how your next weekend could look like: 


Stylishly furnished, bright rooms will give you a very cosy feeling, while the awe-striking views of the Julian mountains will inspire you to enjoy new adventures in the Alps every step of the way.
A basket of fruit and sparkling wine will be waiting for you in your apartment when you arrive. In addition, we can arrange fresh flowers for special occasions.



Also included in your stay are delicious treats:

  • a bootle of sparkling wine and fruit basket
  • a basket of local specialties;
  • a delicious dessert for 2 people;
  • a lunch or dinner in Mangart restaurant (Log pod Mangartom);
We have also made a careful selection of home-made top-quality wines, as well as some wines and sparkling wines from some of the best French biodynamic wine producers. 



During your stay, we will treat you with a relaxing massage for two in the comfort of your apartment. Using soothing music, pleasant light and calming scents, our masseurs will turn your apartment into an oasis of peace and tranquillity.




We are located only 100 meters from the Soča River and in proximity to well-known hiking trails, such as the Soška Trail, the Juliana Trail and the Alpe Adria Trail, that boast magnificent views of streams and waterfalls and quiet Alpine forests. 

Ideas for romantic explorations during your stay: 

We invite you to make the most of your stay by taking a day trip by helicopter to the famous town of Bled. Starting at the Bovec Airfield in the morning, you will fly over the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park, admiring the famous Triglav lakes and Slovenia’s highest mountain itself. You will land in Lesce, from where a shuttle will take you to Bled. We can reserve lunch for you in Bled in the renowned restaurant Štarkl by the lake, right by the slipway of the famous Bled boats (pletne). You can spend the rest of your time in Bled swimming in the lake, or we can arrange for you to rent electric bikes to explore the wonderful area. In the afternoon you will get back to the helicopter, which will fly you over the Bohinj Lake, the Krn Mountains and the town of Most na Soči, back to Bovec. The excitement is guaranteed, as this will be an unforgettable experience you will talk about for years to come.


Flights are available every Sunday.

For more information and prices, please contact us at

They say a good day starts with a good morning. Imagine what day lies ahead if you start it by admiring the sunrise from a 2,000-metre high mountain. If you’re an early riser, then make the most of those early morning hours to get to Zadnjiški Ozebnik (2,084 m), where you will be able to wait for the dawn in the complete silence and utter peace of the untameable alpine nature. And if getting up in the middle of the night is not your thing, you can always take an early ride along the highest Slovenian alpine road all the way to the Mangart Saddle (Mangartsko sedlo), where you can relax and enjoy the caresses of the first morning rays of sunlight. And if that is too early, too, you can simply swap the sunrise for a charming sunset.


Our tip: Ask our staff for a picnic basket and blanket, and prepare yourselves an unforgettable breakfast surrounded by Julian peaks. This will give you the necessary energy to get to the top of Mangart (2,679 m).


Starting points and estimated trekking time:
Trenta – Zadnjiški Ozebnik = 4 h 15 min walk
Soča – Mangartsko sedlo = 50 min drive
Mangartsko sedlo – Mangart = 2 h walk

From your apartment take the trail to the Lepena Valley. The trail will take you past the famous Soča basins all the way to the confluence of the Soča river and the Lepenjica stream. Continue along the latter and soon enough you will reach a charming forest path that will lead you to a very special place, the Šunik Water Grove. Walking across the small wooden bridges rising over the emerald pools, you will feel as though you’ve entered a fairyland. Caress the moss-clad stones and let those healing water drops sprinkle your face. The grove is a strong energy juncture that will undoubtedly help you regain your strength.


Starting points and estimated trekking time:
Soča – Šunik Water Grove: 1 h walk
You can find additional information on the Šunik Water Grove here.

The climb to the Vršič pass is among the most demanding alpine bike routes in Slovenia. However, that is exactly why the feeling of victory once you’ve reached the top is that much sweeter. It is said that with each turn that you overcome you get rid of at least one worry. And if any should still linger by the time you’ve reached the top, the wind will surely blow them away on your way down. The best bikers reach the top in less than one hour, while champion Primož Roglič even makes it in half an hour. How long will this majestic climb take you? If you’re worried about the steepness, you can rent en e-bike at Residence Soča, which will make the challenge less demanding even for those who are in less stellar physical shape. Join the biking legends on Vršič.

Put down your luggage and take a walk into the past. A mysterious ancient forest will lead you along a narrow path to the abandoned hamlet of Lemovje, which lies on the slope of Bavški Grintavec. Close your eyes and you may just hear the pleasant heartbeat of the village that used to lie in this isolated place. Then open your eyes and let yourself be seduced by the abandoned farms that still reflect the typical local architecture. The deserted grazing areas surrounded by stonewalls, and the remains of the ledges where 50 years ago potatoes were still being grown will reveal to you what life here used to be like. If the beautiful views over the Vrsnik Valley fill you with new energy, do continue to Planina nad Sočo (1,400 m) or to Bavški Grintavec (2,347 m).


Starting points and estimated trekking time:
Soča – Lemovje: 45 minutes
Soča – Planina nad Sočo: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Soča – Bavški Grintavec: 5 hours and 30 minutes

At dinnertime we invite you to hang out by the fire pit in the Residence Soča garden. Our friendly staff will get you everything you need to prepare a traditional local specialty, “čompas” – potatoes – with locally produced quark (cottage cheese). What better way to end an exciting day of exploring the wild nature than to relax in good company with some authentic traditional food and a glass of excellent wine?

PRICE: 650 € 


Included in the price:

  • 2 nights in Studio apartment;
  • sparkling wine and fruit basket in the apartment;
  • massage for 2 people in the comfort of your apartment;
  • 1 × basket of local specialties;
  • 1 × delicious dessert for 2 people;
  • 1 × lunch or dinner in Mangart restaurant (Log pod Mangartom);
  • free rent of board game for couples;
  • free rent of picnic basket and blanket for couples;
  • free rent of hiking poles and tips on personalised hiking tours;
  • late check-out (when possible).


Tourist tax: €2.00 per person per night.


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