A break from the digital world

A break from the digital world

Where time stops, the body relaxes and the mind rests.

Nowadays we get caught all too often in the fast-paced nature of our daily lives, and forget to think about ourselves. We spend most of our time in front of various screens and we often don’t even realise how tired we are, while making sure that we are constantly available to everyone. Concede yourselves a break from technology and absorb the magic of these beautifully green forests, the silver peaks of the Julian Alps and the breathtaking turquoise river. Time moves slower in the stillness of the glacial Trenta Valley, allowing you to reconnect with yourselves. When’s the last time you were able to just listen to the burbling of a river or the rustling of leaves in the trees? To just feel some peace and quiet, or to play with some colours? Let that most primal part of you reawaken, and unwind in the unspoiled nature of the Triglav National Park.


  • 2 nights in Studio apartment;
  • 1 × basket of local specialties;
  • 1 × lunch or dinner in Mangart restaurant;
  • 1 × massage for two people in the comfort of your apartment;
  • 1 × set for preparing the Japanese matcha tea, including instructions for the ritual drinking;
  • 1 × creative basket (easel, drawing paper, watercolour pencils and instructions for various watercolour techniques);
  • 1 × essential oil diffuser to create a peaceful atmosphere in your apartment;
  • 1 × free rent of a yoga mat;
  • free rent of hiking poles and tips on personalised hiking excurtions;
  • free rent of board games for some quality time;
  • on request, confiscation of or limited access to your mobile phone, and disconnection from Wi-Fi.


PRICE: from €600

The price is valid for two people staying in our Studio apartment. When available, another type of apartment can be chosen at an extra charge.



  • Tourist tax: €2.00 per person per night.


Upon reservation and if possible:

  • possibility to add extra nights;
  • possibility of guided mountain excursion;
  • 1 × basket with potatoes and cottage cheese with instructions for preparing them on the fire pit of our outdoors kitchen.

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