Our story


Off the beaten track, in the embrace of the mountains and unspoiled nature, you will discover a place that will enthral you with its uniqueness. In the town of Soča, our Residence Soča is situated in the very heart of the Triglav National Park, where time has stopped for a bit. Let yourself go to the unforgettable experiences that this charming place away from everyday life and off the beaten track has to offer.



Right here, in the village of Soča, surrounded by mountains and an emerald-green river, we have created a truly special place names Residence Soča. Our aim was to build a space where our guest would be able to enjoy some peace and quiet in the unspoiled nature and the comfort of superbly furnished apartments.



The town of Bovec is less than 12 kilometres away. Residence Soča thus provides the perfect escape to anyone who wants to get away from the bustle and hustle of Slovenia’s “adrenaline capital” but still wishes to be close enough to all the exciting activities it has to offer.



It is our deep wish to work in accordance with the principles of sustainability and preservation of unspoiled nature, offering our guests a top-quality experience right in the heart of the Triglav National Park. We want to raise the hospitality standards in the Soča Valley, since we firmly believe that as one of the most magical regions in Slovenia it deserves the greatest respect.


If I look back, at the very beginning, when the idea of Residence Soča was just being born and taking its first outlines, one thing was clear. We wanted to create something that would reflect a deep love and respect for the mountains, nature, authenticity and the spirit and culture of this place. At the same time, the first questions began to arise. Are we ready to start a project in Zgornje Posočje, in the Triglav National Park, where everything is so complicated, where we will encounter many obstacles and limitations, where nature has the main word and where she dictates the pace, and at the end of the day, you don’t even know how many days will the capacities be occupied at all per year…?


And then my husband and I went there, stepped on that piece of land. When these mountains, this valley and this river are caressed by the sun’s rays, …. you’re crazy not to seize such an opportunity. Or you’re crazy if you are, and you develop the project as passionately and devotedly as we do; with the awareness that this piece of land is so unique and so magical that every piece of this great puzzle must pursue this ideal (or at least support it) and fit together to reveal a beautiful picture in the end.


When I look at the finished project today, I am happy. There is no longer any doubt, we successfully overcame the obstacles, even nature was on our side. 

And when I wake up here in our Residence Soča in the morning and open my eyes and look towards the mountains, or when I walk to the Soča River in the first rays of the sun and admire the mists that dance over its surface, I feel that this is it. To be one with nature, calm and happy. And I want every guest who crosses our threshold to feel just that. To find peace and well-being in the comfort of our accommodation. While sipping tea made from local herbs or with a slice of homemade sheep’s cheese, you can rest your eyes and fill your spirit. Feel at home in the embrace of our apartments or (why not) even nicer. It feels authentic, but at the same time sophistication and attention to detail, with which we wanted to conjure up a unique experience that guests would like to relive and return to.


Of course, we are only at the beginning of the journey, our story is far from over here. Day after day we write new chapters, learn and supplement and upgrade our offer in order to meet the expectations of the most demanding guests. I am immensely grateful to everyone who added their little stone to the mosaic of this wonderful story for all their effort, dedication and enthusiasm. I greatly appreciate the contribution of each of the co-creators.


And to be honest… They say that behind every successful man there is a successful woman, but I think that goes both ways. If I can consider this project a success, it must also be because my husband stands behind me. Thank you, Borut!


Maja Lozej, director