Soča river – fly fishing paradise

Soča river – fly fishing paradise

The Soča river and its tributaries are considered a unique destination for fly fishing, which is indeed the only kind of fishing that is allowed on the Soča river.



The fish population is very large throughout Soča’s stream. It includes marble trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, hucho hucho and a type of grayling that is specific for the Soča river.

Soča Trout (photo by

Grayling (photo by

Brown Trout (photo by

Rainbow Trout (photo by



The fishing season in the Soča Valley extends from April until the end of October, when the water level is lower and fish start feeding intensively before the onset of winter.


Soča’s upper reaches are fast and have numerous rapids, cascades and pools. In many areas, the river flows through short gullies. The Soča river distinguished itself for its emerald colour, its white pebbles and its winding streambed, which is truly breathtaking as it flows through the green valley towered by snow- capped mountains.


  • We are situated only 100 metres from Soča river
  • We provide early breakfast: a basket of local specialties that you can take with you for a unique breakfast by the river
  • Exceptionally relaxing experience after a day in the water: we offer whirlpool bath and sauna, massages in the comfort of the apartment
  • Sports gear rental (including electric bikes), as well as help in organising extra activities
  • Dinner is arranged 10 minutes walking distance from the resort
  • In close collaboration with local fishing organisations, we can sort all the necessary fishing permits before your arrival, putting you in touch with the best local fishing guides and arranging the necessary transfers to any soča tributary
  • Pets are also welcome at our resort.


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