Travniška Valley and surrounding peaks



Travnik is a little-visited peak, which is especially popular with touring skiers, as its not too steep slopes offer unique skiing. From the top, which has an entry box in the form of the Aljaž tower, there is a beautiful view of the peaks above the valley of the Soča river, where we can best see the nearby Plaski Vogel.


From Pod Zjabci, head for the marked path, which bypasses the nearby hut on the right. Behind the huts, the path goes into the forest and quickly brings us to a small crossroads, where we continue to the right across the stream. On the other side of the stream, the path turns left and begins to climb moderately through dense forest. We continue the ascent along the old mule track, which in several places has already started fairly well, but only this one leads us higher up to a short, steep rocky part. A well-maintained and wide mule track leads us over the mentioned part, and the path above the mentioned part leads us to a viewpoint from which a beautiful view of Bavški Grintavec opens up.

Beginning of the trail, parking lot

At the beginning of the trail

From the lookout point, the path returns to the forest and quickly climbs to the old water trough (there is a small well next to the path, which dries up in dry periods). Above the riverbed, the path turns slightly to the left, and then climbs through the forest in many twists and turns. Higher up, the path becomes a bit more steep and brings us to a less noticeable crossroads, where an abandoned path branches off to the left towards Planina Za skalo.

On the trail

View of the valley

From here, we continue straight, but a slightly steeper path again, after 10 minutes of further walking, leads us to the next, this time completely unmarked crossroads. Here, an unmarked path branches off to the right, which leads to a nearby hunting lodge and further towards the mountain behind Črni vrh, a hunting path branches off to the left towards the Planina Za skalo, and we continue straight to the next crossroads nearby, which is slightly better marked.
Here we continue to the left in the direction of Planina Za skalo (the path continues straight towards Komna and the Triglav Lakes) along the path that crosses the slopes to the left. Soon we will leave the forest, where the path descends slightly to the left (here another path joins us from the left, not mentioned in the description), and we continue along the initially well-visible path that descends to Planina Za skalo and the TNP hut there.

On the trail

We go back a bit from the mountain and in front of us we will notice a path on the slope that crosses the scree towards Travnik valley. Let’s head for the aforementioned unmarked path, which climbs up the already slightly overgrown scree. The path then goes to a grassy slope, turns slightly to the right and climbs steeply. A steel cable also helps us on this part of the route. The path then becomes less steep and continues on a grassy slope past increasingly sparse trees. The path then runs along the right side of the valley, where we will notice the entrance to the abyss on our right. We continue to climb the valley and on the right we soon have a view towards Čelo. In this part, the path becomes more and more difficult to follow, but orientation is not overly difficult, as we just continue along the wide valley. We can already see the top of Travnik in front of us. When the valley begins to turn to the right, we turn left and start climbing the steep grass towards the Travniška škrbina. The top of Travnik can also be reached via the stump at the end of the valley on the right side of Travnik. When we reach Travniška škrbina, turn right and continue along the scenic ridge up to the top of Travnik.


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