Family Soča Valley Hiking Guide



Trips tailored to active parents and their little adventurers. Trips through the landscapes of our beautiful Soča valley.

The Možnica hut


The hut (793 m) stands on a meadow in the middle of the forest in the Možnica valley. There is also a winter bivouac next to the hut which serves more as an emergency shelter. The bivouac can also be used in the event of a storm


The modern Slovenian family lives a fast and rather hectic life. During the week, everyone is usually in a hurry. We can spend time differently. Let’s go on a trip to the mountain world and spend a few hours in interesting, generous and varied nature. Walking in the mountains is perfect for families who can hardly stand at home. Perhaps more important than the goal itself is that the family is together and we have time to get to know each other, listen to conversations and laugh.

Zapotok Waterfall in the back of the Zadnja Trenta valley


Učja valley

loška koritnica1

Loška Koritnica valley


Možnica valley


The Great Soča Gorge


Loška Koritnica is one of the most beautiful alpine valleys, located in the extreme northwestern part of Slovenia. It lies in the area of the Triglav National Park, which is the only national park in Slovenia and is subject to a special nature conservation regime.

It is suitable for families, as a pleasant shady footpath leads to the Koritnica gable.

The river Koritnica originates in Loška Koritnica, below Mangart, and flows through the gorge until it flows into the emerald river Soča.

The valley is surrounded on all sides by magnificent 2,000 peaks: Mangart, Jalovec, Kotovo sedlo and others.

Zadnja Trenta valley

At the Great Soča Gorge


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